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New horse connections and herd bound

Howdy Franklin

My wife and I just bought 2 horses this past weekend. A Bay mare, and a Paint Mare. The Paint is 3 yrs. We were mislead when we bought her on how broke she is. She is easy to bridle, and saddle and walk, but I got on her and it lasted for maybe 30 seconds when she decided she didn't like me on her. Bareback I could walk her around with my wife on her but she didn't act to trusting with that either. I am looking for any help you can give on gaining her trust and being able to ride. We were looking for 2 horses that were ready to ride, but got the bay who is 8 yrs and can ride. We were almost thinking we made a mistake buying the paint, but over the last 2 days we are thinking we need to keep her, and start her anew. What do you think? I am new to this and my wife hasn't been with horses for quite some time. We think we have a wonderful horse in the making and that she is going to make a fine horse.

One more question: She seems like she may be herd bound. Yesterday we took the Bay (Bayou) out and Aspen acted all kinds of upset. Running around in circles looking very mad. If this is the problem what is a way to fix this where she wont mind being alone?

Thanks Charlie

Hi Charlie,

Your realtionship with your horses are formed first on the ground doing appropriate action and activity. This theme is all over my website and help center. Forget riding for a little while. A three year old is a very young and green horse. This horse requires skilled, confident leadership. You do this by making every little move a conscious and clear request. Leading a few steps, stopping, turning, backing and every little simple move should be a clear, simple and precise request. When your request is complied with the horse has earned a good boy (a bit of praise). A big reward is to put the horse away. Stay away from giving food treats from your hands. Longe your horse, not just to exercise it but to 'dance' with it. Have some action on the ground and you will be amaized at how your connection, trust level, respect earned and more will blossum.

It does sound like some herd bound behavior. This is again because of no real connection with you. You must play with your horses on the ground to have any sort of relationship with them. When you ride they are a vehicle. Depending on your level of equestrian competency and consciousness about horses determines how the ride is for the horse (you may have a good time or not but are expecting the horse to comply all the time). The horse is not an object. It is a feeling, thinking being and needs the acknowledgement you would give any thinking, feeling human (the horse is your dance partner and knows the steps and signals better than you do). Do you understand? Do something with your horses on the ground.........

Sincerely, Franklin

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