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New horses behavior has changed?

Hi Franklin,

I have a 10 year old mare and I have had her for a couple of months now and when I got her she was well behaved and I would ride her every day. Recently I was riding her and she started bucking really hard and I have no clue why she did. I have ridden her a couple times after that but not very offen. I am scared to ride her, but if I don't ride her then we will have to sell her. I love her so much I would hate to do that. I don't know how to gain her trust back and her gain mine.

Please help me.....
Thanks, Kaylee

Please help


Hi Kaylee,

Well, thank you for reaching out. You need lessons and training in horsemanship and riding. The reason the horse was fine and is not now is because of your skill level in horsemanship and riding. If you always had an unskilled and lousy dance partner, you probably wouldn't want to keep dancing now would you? This is the problem. Can you get riding less and lessons in horsemanship? This is what you need. There is nothing I can give you in a brief email to get you through this. You need lessons and training yourself. It is that simple.

Good luck. I hope you can find an appropriate teacher(s).

Sincerely, Franklin

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