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Older horse, new rider

Hi Frankliin.

I just bought an Arabian horse, 18 years old, who has no history of bucking. He rides well for my daughter, and for my trainer (who is traing me as much as the horse - he's really not been ridden much in the past three years) but when I get on he bucks me off - EVERY TIME. I may be holding on too tightly with my legs, or he may just sense that I am nervous, but now that he knows he can get me off, what can I do to stop this? On the ground he is the best horse I have. (I have three.) He is extremely obedient and peaceful. Once I get on his back, he immediately wants me off. What might I be doing wrong?

Thanks -


Hi Kristen,

If you are unbalanced on his back, wraping your legs around him too much or too insecure on him (clenching and nervous) your horse knows this and is made to feel insecure by having you up there. Thus, the horse attempts to remove you. It is so much more about the human than the horse. Learn to ride on a horse that is not prone to fear from a novice rider. Then when you have the skill and confidence, begin to ride this horse. Learn on another horse for awhile. This is my suggestion. You will not help this horse until you become a better equestrian.

Good Luck and Blessings to you, Franklin

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