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Pony Pooping In Water

We have a 15 year old Welsh Pony who repeatedly will poop in his water. He has done it at least 6 times that I have dealt with who knows how many times the stall cleaners have had to clean it out. My biggest concern is that he might become dehydrated. Could he have a supplement deficiency or is this a behavioral thing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time, Sara

Hi Sara,

This is a most unusual question. A simple solution would seem to be to set up a watering system he cannot deficate into. It would seem there would be numerous ways to set up a watering system that would not lend itself to a pony deficating into it. Stallions make their territory with piles of manure. Confined horses tend to deficate in the same place and prefer not to eat where they deficate. Why he is doing it really doesn't matter actually......My guess is that it is behavorial. If he were eating the manure, that may indicate a vitamin deficiency. Again, change your watering system.

Good luck, Franklin

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