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Problem with my horses that bites.

Hi Franklin,

I have a 6 year old 16.1 thoroughbred gelding. He has a bad habit of threatening to bite people. Some days he is worse than others, i.e. I can spend hrs grooming, riding and generally spending time with him in his field and he is fine, other days he gets grumpy and threatens to bite. When he threatens to bite, he laps his ears back, turns his head towards you and bites at the air. He has once lunged at some one walking past. He is worse when there is food around, but he will also do it when he is in his stable and you walk past. He hasn't as yet, actually bitten someone, so am not sure whether he is just threatening or whether he would bite. I do not really know what is best to do to stop him. I have read the advice you have given about 'popping' the horse on his lip, but I am having trouble following this advice, as, as soon as he has done it, I step towards him and he backs up. Any advice you could give, would be great.

Thanks Becky

Hi Becky,

What I might suggest is you setting up the situation where you know he will do his biting thing. That will allow you control over what is happening and you will be ready to pop his snout when he does this display. Doing it randomly does make it very difficult to provide the consequence. You must be committed to doing this on a regular and consistant basis for a while, until this habitual behavior deminishes to a large extent. WEAR GLOVES! You may also use your elbow to provide the POP. Pad your elbow. Again, this is not to punish, but rather to provide a serious consequence. Never get mad. Get smart and precise. Good Luck.

Sincerely, Franklin

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