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Problem with my stallion biting and rearing

Dear Franklin,

My name is George and i am from Orestiada,GREECE.

I own one 4 years old stallion and one 8 years old pregnad mare. Before six days when I caught the stallion from his halter, as I do every day,to lead him out he sudenly raised at his hind legs and tried to hit me with his frond legs.I was very lucky that he did not hit my head but I had a bad hit in my soulder.The day after when i only tried to catch his halter he raised again.Since then I cannot lead him from his halter because when i try to pull him he first pins his ears back and if I insist pulling he tries to hit me with his fronts.He has never been an aggressive horse before.The daily routine for months is to catch him from his halter,lead him out from his stall ,ty him and then clean his stall,put his food and clean water and then leave him free during the day. Because of the bad weather, the last month,the only time that I pass with the horses is when i feed and clean them(morning and evening).When he is free he comes to me,he follows me aroud and everything is like before.

Please HELP ME with your advices.

Thank you.GEORGE.

Hi George,

Please consider putting the horse in a small area, like a paddock, and not trying to catch or halter him. Merely ask him to move away from you as quietly. Gently push him slowly around the paddock for 20 minutes. Do not scare him or challenge him. Only keep him moving slowly and gently forward. If he runs around a bit and kicks and jumps up, ignore it. Just keep yourself safe and try your best to keep him moving infront of you. After 20 to 30 minutes stop and back away from him a couple of steps. He will probably turn and face you. When he does walk straight up to him and stand near him. Do not touch him but walk away after a few moments. The push him around for another few minutes, gently and slowly. Then stop and back up a step or three. He will probably turn and face you (if he does not turn and face you, keep up the walking around). Once he stands there looking directly at you, walk up and slowly halter him and go where you want. Spend more time doing as I have suggested and you will have a different horse.

I have a program coming up in Athens in mid-May. Please keep an eye out for the dates. I will be doing some private work there as well. Hope to see you. Let me know how it goes.

Sincerely, Franklin

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