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Rearing Problems with my Horse

I have an 8 year old Tenn.Walker Mare that rears on occasion. She'll rear when she doesn't want to respond to your command. I've had this thorse since she was 2 yrs. old and have ridden her a lot. The rearing problems first started, in the beginning, when I tried to leave the premises. I started using a tie down so we wouldn't get hurt when she reared. I would lead her away from the premises and then mount and ride, and would ride a couple hours with no problems. I could cross small ditches etc. On accassion when I tried to cross this same ditch she would rear. I dismounted, re-engaged the tie down turned her towards the ditch and when it felt as if she was going to rear I would give a hearty whack with the crop and she would cross/jumb the ditch and I would make her go back and forth over this ditch numerous time before continuintg my ride. I don't think she was afraid of the ditch, I think she was being a stuborn mare. My daughter now rides this horse and the horse is beginning to rear more often. She has been training her to drop her head and is trying to ride longer distances with the horse's head dropped. Is there a method that can be used to eliminate this rearing? I am 73 and still ride this horse on accasion and have very little problem with her rearing. The rearing generally occurs when she decides she does not want to obey or leave another horse. She has been ridden a great deal by herself in the past. Would appreciate your imput.

Thanks, Bobby

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