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Rearing while mounting

Hi Franklin -

My horse, a 20 yr. old OTTB mare, has been giving my trainer problems with rearing while she is trying to mount. She has reared with me before at shows in the past when she has been very nervous. As a solution, if I felt she was too nervous to mount I would lunge her until I got her nervous excitement out. She has never done this at our home barn with me or anyone else before. I used to have kids exercise her for me when I was out of town and there was never a problem. The vet and chiropracter have checked her back and there have been no back issues. She sees an equine dentist each year, so her teeth are fine. She is a very sensitive horse, but when she rears with the trainer, it doesn't seem like she does it out of nervousness. It is more as if she just doesn't want to be ridden by her and gives her a hard time. With me, she stands quietly when I mount and moves off my leg when I ask, so I feel that I can't even resolve anything on my own. She is a well mannered horse on the ground and under saddle. She is also very smart. I am currently trying to find someone to lease her, but my trainer is convinced she has a rearing problem and it could be dangerous. I am wondering if there may be something personal going on between the two? She is at a great barn where she is well cared for and I don't have to worry about her. I do like the trainer and she is excellent at what she does. Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Shawna

Hi Shawna,

Here is a possibility; when the trainer rides the horse, the horse is probably collected up a lot and worked. Some trainers over collect and never give the horse a break from this collection during schooling. This will build an attitude of reisitence to that trainer. Also, the trainer probably only does one thing with the horse, attempt to train it. A varied routene with any trainer is suggested. Allow the trainer to take the horse out on trails and do some fun, relaxed, non-work different things with the horse. Perhaps a different, less strict, trainer might be in order. Frequently, trainers are too focused in collection and diciplin. The horses in their charge get frustrated and pushed too much, too far and too fast. I do not know if this is the case with your trainer. However, I would take a serious look at what the trainer is so focused on with your horse. If you do not have the problem of rearing while mounting the horse, I suggest it is not the horse's problem, but rather the training being done. Good Luck......

Sincerely, Franklin

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