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Relationship vs. One Way Love

Hi Franklin!

I love my horse and he loves me. Though sometimes it doesn't really feel like he likes me. He's bucked me of a couple of times, he puts his ears back when he's eating and I come to say hi or bye, he doesn't let me cuddle him or give him attention except when he's tired from after a ride and I'm pretty sure he'd much rather stuff his face with food than talk to me or spend time with me. Please help me!

Hi Angelique,

Not sure why you think your horse loves you back. He bucks, pins his ears, doesn't cuddle with you and only allows attention from you if he is tired. Sounds like a one-sided-relationship to me. Perhaps you are projecting on to this relationship in an inappropriate and unrealistic way. To be quite honest with you, it doesn't sound like you have much going with this horse at all. Relationships with horses (and there is a ton of information on this on my website) are formed first and foremost through mutually successful action and interaction on the ground with the horse (dancing) with you leading the action. So as to not keep repeating myself over and over and over, I want you to read the myriad numbers of questions and answers on this topic, essays and articles that are on the website in the easy to use 'Help Center Archives' and essay and articles section. You need education about horses as well. You are fantasizing and projecting onto and about your horse that is far from the reality of the situation. Get education about the true nature of horses by more reading and the purchase of a training video or two. The knowledge is there for you for little money and easy to find. There are no short cuts and quick fixes to gaining knowledge. You MUST take the time to acquire the education you lack. If you go for the knowledge and understanding you do not currently have, I guarantee you will thank me forever. Many good dvd's are available for reasonable money and easily found in the backs of all horse magazines. I have several in the shopping corral of my website that would prove very valuable to you. No matter whose you get, acquire several and watch them and learn. This is the most complete and best help you will get. Gain knowledge, get educated, practice and you will inherit the world of horses. You will LOVE IT and your horse will really LOVE YOU BACK (no fantasies)! But you need to take responsibility and learn what you do not know as yet. No quick fix to gaining knowledge. It is your responsibility.

Good Luck, Sincerely, Franklin

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