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Relocating horses


Our family is moving from the California desert to Kentucky. We will be moving two horses one a two year old gelding and a 17 year old mare. They are currently at a 2.5 acre location and kept in stalls. There are 20 other horses there. Not good I know. We will be moving to a 10 acre ranch with pasture and pond. Fully fenced and currently has three horses that will be moved. There is a barn. Any advice on moving from such different enviorments? Will new parasites be a huge problem and adjustments to all the freedom? Big question I know.

Thanks, Austin

Hi Austin,

There will always be a period of adjustment whenever horses are moved to new locations. You should consult a vet near where you are relocating to, to find out about potention hazzards in the environment specific to that location. Moving from 'dry' to 'wet', the most common things to look for are problems with too much moisture in the feet, rain scauld (rot), additional other skin irritants, more protein in the grass (as it may be a lot greener) and adjustments to more freedom and space (these are generally good adjustments). The most significient thing you could probably do is to ask a local vet where you are locating to about potential health risks in that area. West Nile Virus is more active in some areas than in other as well.

Good luck and let me know how it all goes. Sounds like a great move for all.

Sincerely, Franklin

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