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Hi - I am thinking about leasing a horse that is really sweet, he was abused but he seems to have a good heart and wants to please. One issue he has though is what the trainer calls rubbernecking. When asked to turn, especially to the left it seems, he will turn his neck and head all the way to the left, like to where his mouth is touching your boot even, but he wont turn his body - he'll just stop at the will or go forward but not turn. It takes a lot sometimes to get him to finally turn. Its like he tries to get rid of the bit pressure without actually turning. The horse has some training I guess (by a
former abusive owner) but is still pretty green. I couldnt find anything like this on your website. Do you have any ideas about how to fix this problem, or how easy it would be to fix it?

Thank you!! Alison

Hi Alison,

Practice getting effective with your legs and seat. You are relying on the reins solely to turn the horse and you are missing using the most effective tools for directional and speed transitions you have, your seat and legs. If the horse brings his head to the side like you describe, move the leg on the same side back behind the girth and kick his butt hard, so he swings it around. This is called a hind quarter yield and is very effective at keeping the horses attention on you and he cannot avoid moving the way you want. Get off of the horse's mouth and begin to ride properly with seat and legs. This horse is smart and is used to unskilled and novice riders. This is how he got into the habit of avoidance like he has. Become a better rider and you won't have the problem. Again, let go of his mouth. Ride from your seat and legs and you won't have this problem. Good Luck.

Sincerely, Franklin

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