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1Aggressive Gelding
...The older gelding is a boarded horse. He constantly bites my mare and chases her around, and she has huge bite marks and chunks out of her. He is very tough and my mare knows it so she just runs away. But he chases her and bites her for no reason...

2My Cracker Horse is a real cracker
I have a problem with my 5 yo Cracker Horse. He is really spooky and head shy. Please tell me how to help him get over this problem

3Head Shy Horse
I have a four year old Welsh D mare who hates having her ears touched. This causes problems when I am tacking up. Do you have any suggestions as to what I could do?

4Is it the teeth or the bit?
...I need some advice on my mare, Genfire. She is having a very difficult time with her bit. She takes the bit okay (no real fussing), but when I try to collect her, she throws her head something fierce. She actually lowers her head almost to her knees, as if she was trying to pull it out of my hands. ...

5Gaining Confidence With Horses
...Will a horse generally lunge or kick at you if you try to put a bridle on? I just purchased a bridle and have put it on him successfully twice, But over the rail, standing on platform, I am nervous about standing next to him. I am short and feel intimidated although I am strong. I don't want to scare him or hurt him. ...

6Off the track, but not completely
ex-racehorse bolting with daughter

7Threading the head through the hole
I have trouble putting the filly's blanket on her after I groom her. I usually have the trainer's wife do it. The filly's head always raises back and high to avoid going through the head hole or coming out of it...

8Studly won't focus and no respect is that he is very playful. He lowers and shakes his head when asked to go forward, takes the bit and runs with it, and it is hard to steer him when he acts like this. He hops up in the air and resists my aids. ...

9Getting My Horse To Settle Down Before Doing A Rollback
I have been trying to teach my paint mare to do running roll back and standing pivots while riding. I know how to teach her with the backing up process but she has quite a temper & she will throw up her head and won't put it down

10Horse takes off for the barn!
the horse I am riding will often start doing circles, trot, or even canter towards the barn. My instructor tells me to use my legs to force him to stop circling, but he doesn't seem to respond....

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