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Dear Franklin,

My name is Ashley and I am having trouble finding a horse that is right for me. I dont know if I should get a baby and let it get used to me, or get an older horse and let it get used to me. I need suggestions, and I also need some tips. I live in the city and there is a farm down the street from me with lots of acres and a good man that works there because I used to work with him.

I am just wondering If you could help me, and by the way I am 14 years old.


Hi Ashley,

I always suggest a mature, well-trained horse for a first horse. The horse itself will teach you tons about horses. If you get a 'green', immature horse it will be a long time before you can really rely on the horse to act responsibly and with good judgment (just like if it were a child). Young horses should be trained by professionals, not beginners having their first horse. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Who should raise a child, another child? Or, rather a mature, responsible adult. Get a mature horse for your first one and you will thank me forever. You have lots of time to learn to train young horses (and they need a lot of specific training). Thank you for asking this question and I hope other folks read this on my website.

To find a nice horse for yourself look on bulletin boards in feed and farm stores, the newspapers, and any other horse publications that are local to your area. See if you can find a trusted horse person to evaluate the horse for you and always get a veterinarian to check the horse's health before you buy. Perhaps visit stables in your area as well and speak to the managers or owners. Be careful about being able to trust the person selling you the horse. It is a little like buying a used car. Good to have a professional check it out. Let me know how it goes and thanks again for your question. Please show this email to you parents.

Sincerely, Franklin

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