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Serious loading problem


I need some help. My horse, who knows how to load very well, has decided he'd rather not anymore and bolts off with me. I have had to resort to keeping him in a bridle to load him so that I have some control. A stud chain helped for a while, but then he was realized he was still able to get away. I guess the pain wasn't bad enough. I have a be-nice halter too which did little. He is 17 hands, warmblood, BIG horse and very smart.

I'm at the end of my rope with him.

Thanks, MM

Hello MM,

First off, you have made it very unpleasant for your horse to load. You are trying to make him load as opposed to requesting it appropriately. Your use of a stud chain and statement that you "guess the pain wasn't bad enough." tells me you are very willing to use force, pain and other cooersion to get what you want. This, as opposed to, appropriate handling by you which reinforces good initial training. Your horse is doing what he needs to do to avoid you and loading. Can you blame him? I think the problem is not so much with your horse, but rather how he is being handled. Most humans are not willing to accept responsibility for the outcomes of their interaction with their horses (or their lives in general). They always want to put the blame on their 'bad' horse rather than take responsibility for poor or inappropriate handling of the horse. If you are at the "end of your rope with him" before you have tried educating yourself as to solid and appropriate training and handling techniques, I have nothing to offer you.

However, if you are willing to change your mind about your horse, seek to educate yourself (other than a quick fix attempt in a simple email) and acquire some skills you don't seem to have at this time, training a horse to load is not that hard. It takes solid knowledge of technique and skills, patience, good timing and most of all compassion and kindness towards an innocent animal who is only afraid, no matter how big he is. I would be very happy to help you through this, but only if you are willing to do as I have asked. I have training DVD's that show loading techniques or I can coach you through this via a few telephone horsemanship coaching sessions. There is no quick fix with horses. Patience, compassion, skill and a willingness never to blame the horse is what is required. Want to play in the real world of horses and not just languish within your projection of who you think horses are? Compassion and kindness are the first and last order of business. Let me know.....

Sincerely, Franklin

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