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Should buy back a gelding I sold 2 years ago?

Franklin- I have a case of insomnia. Just found your website.

I am very thankful to have grown up with horses and have an understanding of their behavior. I feel for individuals both human and equine that have sought your help.

I am trying to evaluate if I should buy back a gelding I sold 2 years ago. He has become a behavior problem for the 13 yr old girl who owns him.

I bought him 48 hours after he was purchased by a woman who planned to quickly retrain him from a western horse to a show hunter. Draw reins, side reins and whips landed her in the hospital within the first two days. I bought the horse to save him from her retaliation. After 9 months and lots of ground work, he did well up to 1st level dressage and low hunters. It was necessary to sell one of my two. He went to a young rider who had constructive help for a month or two then off on her own with little help. Because of his behavior problems he has stood in the field for a year and a half. I'm thinking of bringing him back. I think I understand him. And I have some knowledgeable help here in Tallahassee. Wish me luck!! ( He is 6-7 yrs old now)

Thanks for providing a help line for all of us.


Hi Cindi,

Thank you for your kind words. A horse will "sour" quickly when they is no real knowledgeable leader around. The young girl was probably just that, a young girl. Kids should only have horses that are basically bomb proof. If a sensitive horse is given to a child, it will exhibit frustrated behavior fairly fast. This looks like all sorts of bad habits (aggression and whatever). You would have a bad attitude also if you were continuously frustrated with the individuals around you who were your keepers, so to speak.

You could probably bring this horse "back" again if you wanted to go for it. I do wish you luck. But more than that, I wish you patience, skill, kindness, compassion, good intuition, precision, clarity and most of all - a sense of safety and trust for the horse.

Sincerely, Franklin

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