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Showing the effects on horses of bad riders

To Franklin,

I am a student studying in England, I am in my final year and am trying to conduct a study on the difference between the relationship and the experience of the rider effecting the horses behaviour when being ridden. I am wanting to try and show this by using different levels of riders and from beginners, novice, intermediate, and elite riders to show that the correct seat and the right aids and relaxes body will make the horse more supple and obedient to the rider while completing a timed course. in this study I hope to use just one horse as this will be my dependant variable and video them as well as timing them through out the course. this is to show that the beginner will take longer to complete the course compared to the elite rider and the videoing will show the way the horse reacts and hollows and is stiff when a beginner sits to when an elite rider sits on the horse it will become supple and 100% free movement.

I would really appreciate if you could help me with any ideas or if you think this will work as there has been very little written journals on this area that it is hard to find article to compare with. ant help or suggestions would be very grateful.

Yours sincerely, Anya

Hello Anya,

Sounds like a very interesting project. The horse will always mirror the human with it. Whether the human is on the ground or in the saddle, the horse will reflect the human's level of confidence and expertice or fear and uncertainty. It will show that in its being; physically, mentally and emotionally. There is no specific research on this subject that I know of.

If this were my project I would get a video camera and begin to tape (or film) different riders on different horses. I would document the responses of the horse to the different levels of riders on the tape and draw conclusions from what I saw. I would love to see the finished project. Good Luck!

Sincerely, Franklin

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