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Slipping and no balance in trailer

Dear Franklin,

First, thank you for having such a web-site to view so many similar problems. My horse seems to have a balance problem in the trailer. She loads without problem into the trailer, and when going around curves, I can feel her scrambling in the trailer. I can tell you this is the worst feeling. Our short travel is less than 5 miles to the trails and I drive no more than 20-30 miles an hour and slower around curves, because of this. I have spent time talking to others in trouble-shooting the problem. I have purchased coarser floor mats and have changed the type of absorbent from shavings to pellets. Despite these changes, she continues to slip and has injured herself by scraping the inside of her fetlock. We have a two-horse straight in loading trailer and I cannot figure out why she is slipping. I even followed behind the horse trailer in my car to observe her myself. She appears to easily get thrown off balance, and the back feet seem to be the problem. What can I do? Otherwise this horse has been wonderful. She is a 15 year old Arabian with a sweet disposition and a willing heart.

Thanks, Manette


A lot of horses do not like straight in trailers and have great difficulty with them. Your horse may be one of them. It is much easier for a horse to balance in a 'slant load' facing forward or to the rear. Any chance you could trade this trailer in for a slant load (for your horses sake)? You could try loading the horse, drive a few yards, stop and unload her as a reward. Then gradually increase the time in the box as you begin to drive in a circle. Unload often as a reward for the horse keeping her balance and not stumbling around. Begin with short distances and gradually increase while driving in a circle changing directions occasionally.

Good Luck......

Sincerely, Franklin

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