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Spooked horse


I am a novice rider and went on trail with my horse (which I just purchased in March 04). He is a cow horse and is suppose to be good on trail, he is skittish at times and usually just side steps. When I was coming back from trail we were nearing the barn and he did a 180 and I flew off and hit my back real hard.

I know the pain will subside but my fear now if really big even though I want to ride again. I don't know what he spooked at (some say that there were coyotes in the are) but I do care for him and don't want to get rid of him because of this incidence. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks, Diana

P.S. A lot of people tell me that its not unusual for a horse to do a 180

fearful riders

Hi Diana,

It is not unusual for a horse to do a 180 degree spin like that if they are 'spooked'. To handle that takes some time in the saddle for you. Becoming a confident and better rider takes time. Please understand horses can get spooked, any horse at any time. It goes with the territory. There is training that can be put on a horse to 'bomb-proof' them and help them to have more confidence and be less spooky. You do not have the skills to do this. However, if there was someone in your area that does this type of training, I would highly recommend you bring your horse to this person and take the training with the horse. Your horsemanship skills will jump immensely.

There is so much more to the horse than riding it. Usually the 'horse' itself and its responses are second fiddle to the humans desire for riding. I bomb-proof horses and teach how to train horses this way to humans. If you think others in your area might be interested in this type of seminar, please let me know. It is easy to set on up. I also offer on-line coaching as well as telephone coaching in effective, efficient, and successful horsemanship. If you have interest, please let me know. I can help you to become the partner your horse wants you to be. It is really up to you and not me.

Your horse is not bad or anything. The more of a leader (a good, skilled, confident leader) for your horse you become, the better everything will go with your horse. First suggestion is to make every little move a conscious request, followed by a thank you (Good Boy). I mean every little one-two step move and then a HO! Try it and you'll be amazed at how connected your horse will become with you. Good Luck and keep me posted.

Sincerely, Franklin

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