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Spooky horse behavior

OK ...

The horse I ride is spooked by every thing. Before I got her she was beaten and well, now she is better. But she still gets spooked. What can I do for her?

Sincerely, Myriah

Hi Myriah,

Sorry it has taken a while to respond. Rehabilitating abused horses takes time, patience and some skills. There is no short cut or quicker fix than taking things one step at a time. Hand walking the horse around and by scary places is a good way to start. Bring the horse only forward to the point it can handle before it turns away. Stop there and give reassurance and praise for the horse trying to comply and then walk the horse away for a few moments and rest. Then come forward again and perhaps a step further. If you get into the habit of rewarding the horse 'trying' to do as you ask and 'trying' to be a brave boy/girl as much as it can tolerate, it will settle down much faster than if you try to make or force it through it's fear.

This principle is basic for training horses and works. Always reward the horse for even trying a little. Taking baby steps towards something fearful for the horse is the horse 'trying.' Even just looking in the direction of something it is afraid of is a 'try'. Recognizing the horse is simply afraid and not being stubborn is very important. Seems you understand the horse is always innocent, no matter what. This is a big step in your understanding the true nature of horses. Thank you for loving these magnificent animals and only wanting the best for them. Good Luck.

Sincerely, Franklin

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