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Spooky Horse


I have another horse, Angel, who is spooky. She isn't horrible, but she spooks at a camera flashes, loud noises, fast moving things, etc. I have sacked her out many times, and she is great with it, but it does not seem to help her in the long run. Any ideas? Thanks! ~ Liz

PS - Romeo is coming along - he is still tough, but is getting better. Thank you so much!

Hi HoRsE cRaZy,

Remember, just like with humans, some horses will always be somewhat less confident than others. Generally, an horse treated well, even though they are a bit high strung, will mellow and gain more confidence over time. Mares may have a tendency towards a bit more tempormental behavior than geldings (this is a gross generalization and I realize that. However, that has been my experience over a long time.). If the mare is a hot blooded horse like an Arabian, being a bit more nervous might be expected. If the horse is a cold blooded breed like a quarter horse, that nervousness might be less anticipated. Even though it seems you are not helping the mare in the long run, you are. Take her somewhere new to sack her out again. Stop out on the trail sometime and do some great ground games. Be careful you don't scare her or you'll have a long walk home. Good Luck.....

Sincerely, Franklin

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