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Stallion Behavior?


We purchased a 2 year old stallion we were around him several times before we purchased, he will be gelded in the comming week. He always appeared to be a calm horse, we could always pet and brush him, as soon as we went to load him in the trailor he became agressive kicking and biting. We thought it might be due to the stress of being moved from pasture to round pen, now I'm concerned because be its been a few days and he repeatly tries to bite when he is brushed or when we pet him. He is a beautiful horse and would like to be able to get him broke to ride in the next 3 to 4 months. Is it realistic to believe that his behavior will improve with a vist from the vet and positive encouragement? In all the years I have been around horses I have never encountered this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Hi Diana,

Actually what you are seeing in relatively normal stallion behavior, especially for a two-year-old. The move is traumatic, new handlers are traumatic, new surroundings are fearful. You have not said what his breed is. But, it is still not unusual behavior for a young stallion. Gelding him is a good idea. Many stallions get handled and moved about a lot before the age of two so that they are fairly relaxed. If the horse was not handled a lot and moved about occasionally I would expect this behavior. Once he is gelded and begins training with good and consistent exercise, with a good, gentle and competant trainer. things should go much better. Remember, it is appropriate leadership that the horse needs more than encouragement. It is the quality of the leadership that builds and develops trust and respect with horses. Not dominence, nor maintenance, nor affection. It is all about the quality, skill, compassionate and competent leadership that shows up in the horses life. Make certain the horse is not getting too much protein for the amount of exercise it is getting at this time. If the food is too hot, it makes the horse too hot as well. Also, the horse will not be ready for a 'job' until it is at least three years old. Some breeds take longer to mature mentally and structurally as well. Arabians, for expample do not mature enough (generally) for regular work until 4 or 5 years of age. So, getting the horse broke under saddle is fine. But then not much riding until at least three. I generally ride a two-year-old horse only once or twice a month nad only for a breif time. I will do more ground work than anything else with a young horse like that.

Good Luck and please keep me posted.

Sincerely, Franklin

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