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Stallion that charges


I have a 4 yr old stallion that I am training, he has had the saddle and bridle on and someone sit on him bareback, but when you are lunging him in the arena, he sometimes gets angry and tries to charge at me. I wave the whip at him and he goes back. But he does this everytime!! How can I get him to stop charging!!


Try not asking for so much at once by the way of longeing movement. Do not go to battle with him. Keep it fun by not asking for too much at once. Try to stay below his treshold of anger. Ask for a couple of steps only and then a Whoa, a break and a Good Boy. Repeat this over and over and over and it will probably become a winning cycle for the horse (request, horse tries, gets break and praise as immediate reward). Gradually you can ask for more and then a bit more, then a bit more. Start smaller and more simply.....Keep me posted please....

Sincerely, Franklin

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