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Stallion troubles

Hi Franklin,

I just read through most of your archives and website and liked your advice although there wasn't anything specifically about my problem. I have a three year old Quarter horse stallion whom I've had since he was a yearling, he's been broke a year and a half now and has become a wonderful horse. he's only been handled and trained by me so we work together really well. Recently I bought a older mare for my significant other to ride with me. However I have had an ongoing problem with my stallion whenever we get anywhere near other horses, geldings, mares, doesn't seem to make a difference. he carries on vocally, fights the bridle and tries to get to wherever the other horses are and if he can't get his head from me, bucks like a rodeo king. no other time is this a problem but its becoming serious and I haven't even actually ridden him with another horse, this is just if we pass a farm along the road, or the other horses at our place are out and around. he is a wonderful horse and I really don't want to geld him as he is an angel at all other times. please help!

Thanks, Elizabeth

Hi Elizabeth,

What you are experiencing is absolutely normal stallion behavior. While your training starting him under saddle sounds like it was fine. You have missed the mark on stallion behavior. This is why I never recommend a stallion for anyone who wishes an easy going, safe, all round horse. You will probably never be able to take this horse many places. Most places will not allow the horse to come in. There is no reason to keep him a stallion unless you are a serious breeder. He is a bit older now and habitualted to his behavior. It will always be a battle and a dangerous situation. Please don't think that you would be hurting this horse in any way by gelding him. You will not train this behavior out of him. It is hormones and undeniable and gelding him. This is all about your ego really. Look at me I have a stallion. You will help the horse have a better life in the world he has to live in by gelding him. Thats the hard truth of your situation.

Sincerely, Franklin

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