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Stallions Staying Together

I have six horses all geldings. I purchase two stud colts recently (first time stallion owner) and I'm not sure how long they can remain with each other or if I can put them with my older geldings. Both colts are 7 months and they are currently with a two year old gelding and have been since weaning from their mothers. Both are easy to be around and the two-year-old gelding seems to keep them calm and respectful.


Hi Joe,

Well, in the wild young stallions band together until they are old enough to begin stealing their own harem. Ideally, these horses could be kept together for a very long time, if they have enough room and they do not begin to show aggressive tendencies. If you do not have mares around, you may be able to keep them all together for quite a while. The more you can handle them appropriately the better. The longer they can stay together the better. Part of the reason stallions become dangerous is because they are not allowed to socialize enough with other horses. People tend to isolate them very young and that is the biggest problem. If you don't have mares around coming in and out of estrus, I would just keep them together until they show signs of attitude change. They may or may not. The more you can handle them, play with them appropriately, work them together in a round pen or arena at liberty, etc. the better it will all go. Good Luck and please keep me posted.

Sincerely, Franklin

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