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Strength Vs Knowledge

Hello Franklin,

Early retired and wanting to reconnect with horses I approached a horsebreeder in my area who agreed to allow me to spend time with his horses giving them needed attention, grooming and exercise. I have loved the time spent with the horses and always look forward to the next time I get a chance to be with them.

The problem I am having is the breeder feels because his horses are green warmbloods my approach means inexperience and he is concerned about my safety. The rule of the day is, show them who is boss with brute strength. My approach to horses has always been to instill trust with respect and patience not with fear.

I have never been around warmbloods before and would like your professinal opinion as to wether I should change the approach or the stable

Sincerely, Bernice

Hi Bernice,

Horses have more brute strength than humans, no matter what the breed. Humans need to develop trust and respect with horsess and not fear. This is accomplished through the human's abilities to interact in such a way as to become the good, skillful and compassionate leader for the horse. This does require being firm sometimes, but always patient, kind, precise and compassionate. Never take anything a horse does personally. Being smart and knowledgeable with horses is much more important than being strong. Gain knowledge about horses. Read, go to clinics, watch training dvd's (I have a couple you would enjoy and get a lot out of).

So, you have a decision to make as to whether to stay at that facility or find another that may seem more in sinc with your inner, gut feelings about how to be with horses. I do not advocate being a wimp, or overly affectionate or fawing over horses. I recommend become that great leader for the horse. If you do this, you will have earned the horses respect as well and develop and compliant and willing partner.

Sincerely, Franklin

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