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The Spiritual Side of Horsemanship


Hello, I’m Wendy from N.Y. I have always been around horses riding, some training. My goals are to connect with the horse on a deeper spiritual level. Can you help?


Hi Wendy,

Great Question! I could go on and on about this topic. In fact, there will be a whole section on this in my book Way of the Horse/Living thru Trust. I view our relationship with horses as a sacred relationship. It begins with the attitude and belief system that we currently hold. What and how we think of horses is the real beginning to a deeper spiritual connection with them. If we think a spiritual connection is possible, then it is. If we want it, we can have it. What supports and promotes this first of all is ‘empathy’ with the horse. Connect through shared feelings. Horses live empathetic lives and really want to have an empathetic relationship with whoever is around, horse or human. They always do with each other. It’s the humans who resist real depth. They/We are so much into control and dominance, which are very ego based paradigms that we totally miss the great offering for deep spiritual connection the horse is always looking to have. For ‘depth of relationship’ we have to release the premise that we need to, or even can, control anything in our lives. Once release of control has begun then we can really explore, in the moment (the NOW), greater depth of relationship with all around us, including horses. Releasing control is the first step.

The second step is to really show up in the present. Let go of any agenda other than the peace of mind of the horse. Forget riding and any human use of the horse for a while. Let the horse’s feelings of safety become your agenda. Begin to interact with your horses at a very basic level. Forget trying to make something happen and let things happen. Through simple motion and activity and the quality of the energy and communication that accompanies it, your relationship will be forged in the spiritual realm you are seeking. Be consistent and always come to your horse with this loving, compassionate quality in your energy and intention. Be like Gandhi for your horse. Become the great compassionate parent/leader for your horse. The great parent intends a spiritual relationship with their children and moves in that direction always. Do this with your horses and all horses.

Bring your BEST always to the horse. Reject coercion, bribery and powering over. Let the horse inspire your highest ideals and aspirations. They offer you an honest look at who they are in the NOW. They reflect back to you who and where you are in the NOW also. If you are bringing your most patient, kind and wonderful best to your horse (this means excellent leadership also), this is what you will get back and bigger than you can imagine. Your wonderful leadership will prompt your horse to have great trust (Faith) in you and will develop a bond of the spiritual depth you are seeking.

I am only touching on this topic for now. Please check in with my website occasionally for more from my book and additional commentary on this most wonderful topic. I am most grateful for your email contact. Please keep in touch with me. We are on the same path with the horse€…..

Blessings for a joyful and wonderful Holiday Season, Sincerely, Franklin

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