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Threading the head through the hole

Hi Franklin,

Your website has been very helpful for me. Thank you!

I have a 3- year old filly who is at the trainer's. She has done it all rear, buck, pin her ears back, show her teeth, bite! Needless, to say with the trainer's help she has come a long way, but has a long way to go.

My question: I have trouble putting the filly's blanket on her after I groom her. I usually have the trainer's wife do it. The filly's head always raises back and high to avoid going through the head hole or coming out of it. This is the only trouble spot. Otherwise she will let you rearrange it, rub it on her, undo the buckles. What can I do to work on her accepting and not being afraid of her head going through this hole? (P.S. She has no problem with a halter going on.)

Sincerely, Jennifer

HI Jennifer,

Thank you for your kind words. I am here to help and I am delighted to have been of help to you.

What I would suggest is to first train the horse to lower its head on cue. Once that is accomplished I would get the horse used to material being moved over its head and all around its head while the head is held low, eventually slipping the blanket hole onto the animal's head. This has worked for me many times in the past. Your trainer should be able to do this easily as it is not a difficult procedure. Let me know how it all goes. I am interested. Thanks for your question.

Blessings to you for happy horses, Franklin

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