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Mr. Levinson,
I have been hunting a tall and muscular quarter horse for quite awhile. Well, today I found exactly what I have been searching for. He is 8 years old [gelding]. The lady that has him now is scared to death of him! Her husband rode him for me, but he is not very well broke... pretty much set in his ways, when he tried to make him do anything he went to putting his head down and bucking and just got down off of him and said no this is not a horse for a woman....he doesn't know me, I love my geldings.............anyway my question to you is, do you think this horse at 8 years old is to set in his ways to take this out of him? Thank you so much, your help is most gratefully appreciated!


Hi Marilyn,

Sorry it has taken so long to respond to your email. I have been in Europe teaching and training horses. Here is what I think about your question. I have rehabilitated numerous horses who have serious behavorial issues. It is not so much about the horse as the humans handling them. This horse can be retrained and learn to trust humans both from the ground and in the saddle. It requires skill, patience, knowledge and consistency on the part of the human. It also requires a committment to the process. I re-train horses like you are describing all the time. It is very common and, again, is more aboujt the lack of knowledge and skill (and patience) of the humans handling the animal. I can coach you via the telephone if you have interest. There is a nominal fee but it is cheaper that hiring a trainer. Please let me know if you are interested. Good luck and let me know how it all goes.

Sincerely, Franklin

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