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Ready to do more with 4 month old foal

Hi Franklin!

Thank you so much for you're site! I've read for hours! I've learned so much! I just got a Chincoteague Pony. He is 4 mths old. He was just gelded. So far he is halter broke, he can walk on a lead line, I can groom him & clean all hooves, walk him w/a saddlepad & polo wrap to act as a girth. It's been a lot of fun but I feel I need to start doing more.

Any suggestions?


Hi Bev,

You do not say if this baby is weaned. But sounds like he is. Even though things are moving along so nicely, don't feel the need to ask for more and more.

Most folks ask too much too fast from a young horse. Consider play and not work. Keep your attitude light hearted and only do the same movement for a minute or two. Give lots of reward to any effort by the horse. The best reward is to remove all pressure. In other words, stop asking for anything and be silent and totally at peace for a minute or so. Let total peace be the reward. When asking for something consider asking for one-little-step-at-a-time. and then reward. This gets the animal in the habit of trying for you. Its attention span is very limited. So, please keep that in mind. Teach to come forward, stop, turn and back up. Teach a step or two at a time and reward. You could begin to teach him to lunge a few steps at a time. Be very patient and don't keep asking for something that is not working. Make certain you can handle all four feet, the mouth, ears and rub the horse all over.

Keep me posted. Sounds like you are doing wonderfully well and so is the baby.

Sincerely, Franklin

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