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Mr. Franklin,

I have hunted websites for a while, but yours seems to be the most helpful/user friendly. Most want you to join a club or pay them to answer a question. I was hoping to find one that had some good question and answer.

I have a pony that I been breaking to a cart. She was doing great until I was in the park one day and a person came by in a cart as well. My pony would walk at a nice slow pace and was doing well with basics. (I've never trained a horse before, but have coached high school basketball for over 20 years). But with his miniature horse and cart, she was a battle the entire time. She wanted to almost run. The next time I took her on the course (the Mini was not there) she was worse. She even started rearing at times, which she never did before. I've gone back to working her with and without the cart, and she is getting better, but still doesn't want stand when stopped (sometimes). Any answers to getting her back to her old slow moving self?

God's blessing, Larry

Hi Larry,

I am teaching in Ohio at the moment and can't respond at length. However, I would take the horse back to the beginning and restart (retrain) it. Take your time and be patient and that should handle it. It is most important to be patient and consistent.

Good Luck, Franklin

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