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What can I do to assure her safety?


Recently we came upon a filly that was being abused by his owner. I made an unconscious decision to say something. He in replied said: If you don't like how I treat her give me $400 and take her otherwise shut up. So I gave him the money, and took her. Now I am thinking I don't know where to begin! The former owner would latterly wrestle the 5 month old to the ground, causing cuts and bruises trying to halter her. So needless to say now she is terrified of a halter, or any one approaching her. My father suggested using food to tease her to me, and sugar cubes every now and again. I was told by some third party not to. I am not going to give up on letting her know some one cares and won't abuse her. Any tips as to how I should start to get her to trust me? Should she be stalled until she eases up some, until she gets to know me? What's the best way to get a halter on her? I don't what this to be a bad experience for her ever again....

Thanks in advance, Linda

Hi Linda,

Well, congratulations on your new horse. Not a bad idea to keep her in a stall for a week to get used to a new place. Make it very comfortable with straw or shavings on the floor and plenty of grass hay. Consult a vet for proper foal diet for her age and in your area. Give her a lot of TLC and cut her a lot of slack as she was abused. The foal was weaned off too soon as well. Generally foals are weaned off the mares at 6 months. Do not get into feeding the foal treats from your hand. Spend a lot of time in the stall. Never try to grab the baby. Rather offer her scratches on her withers, shoulders and rump (from both sides of the horse). Do not pat the horse but rather gently rub and scratch. Do not play with her muzzle, mouth or face. Have a rope and halter with you in the stall but do not do anything with it for a few weeks. Just let her get used to seeing you with it. Put it on the floor of the stall or hang it near her so she can get used to its smell and appearance. Be consistent, kind and compassionate. OK to be quiet and still with her. Just being with her is good. You can gently ask her to move her front end or hind and away from you with a gentle wave of your hand if you can. I could coach you through some basic and simple ground moves to do to get her feeling good about you. I cannot do this in an email as it is just too much information. If you'd like we could have a phone consultation or coaching session to get you on track we could do that. Let me know if you are interested.

Thanks for wanting to help this baby. You are a wonderful and kind person. Let me know if I can be of help.

Sincerely, Franklin

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