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Yearling Arabian filly question

I have a 16-month old Arabian filly. We own her dam so we were able to imprint at birth. She is quite well behaved. I work with her every day. She has always been very curious and into everything. If there is anything new in her stall/corral/round pen or arena she absolutely has to investigate it. If I leave a lead rope, halter brush or anything within her reach it becomes hers! Recently however, she has begun to snatch things and pee on them. Is this standard behavior at her age. Additionally, I have noticed that when we change the shavings in her stall she immediately pees in the new shavings. She never used to urinate in her stall. This appears to be some sort of territorial situation is that correct? Her mom is an Alpha mare and we cannot turn them out together as the young one is already beginning to challenge her.

Thanks for your excellent horse related information. I just did not see this issue addressed in any of your readers questions.

Best regards, Sherry

Hi Sherry,

Happy Thanksgiving. I do think that the filly's behavior is territorial as you suggest it is. She is staking things and territory out as her own. This is to be expected and normal for young equine behavior.

Best regards, Franklin

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